Corporate Social Responsibility

At Zedcrest, we are growing businesses primed for sustainability, nation-building, development and economic growth.

our CSR pillar

We are committed to driving critical interventions and initiatives that deliver shared value for our stakeholders and communities.


poverty alleviation
Economic Empowerment
Environmental Sustainability

Poverty Alleviation

Support for the alleviation and eradication of poverty and hunger including its related effects.

Economic Empowerment

Helping to create an enabling environment for economic empowerment through access to credit, job creation and skills acquisition.

Environmental Sustainability

Commitment towards environmental protection and sustainability.


We Are Strengthening Connections. Fostering Success.

At Zedcrest Group, we believe the measure of our success is not just found in our financial statements; it’s also in the value we create for all our stakeholders.

All our activities and processes are designed to create value for all stakeholders in a responsible manner.